Features & benefits


Display tools on any device.

Users and authorization

A secure testing environment that allows for constant improvement and remote maintenance.
Create a company specific tooling platform and keep control over who can view or edit.


Embedding on any website using one link.
Customize each link by adding styling and lay-out.


Keep track of usage and get insight in most used parameters.

Language support

Extend the reach of each tool by using multi language support features.

PDF output

Create beautiful customizable reports to present input, output and detailed calculations.

Lead generator

Turn calculations into leads and more happy clients.

Our clients

About Py-Engineering

Our tools help our clients be leaders in a digitalizing and industrializing building industry.

There is not just tradition in engineering, there is a future. That is why we are here.

Who we are

We are Py-Engineers. Eager to learn engineering and programming enthusiasts who are willing to deliver elegant online solutions.

What we do

By using our Py-Engineering platform we help companies with the creation of online tools for their customers, sales teams or employees.

Our service combines ‘traditional’ engineering with state of the art software development.

We are working hard to make the Py-Engineering platform open for everyone. In that way it will become a platform on which engineers can create, share and maintain their own online tools.

Our mission

Simplifying the creation, sharing and maintenance of online tools.


We want to help progressive engineers moving forward at a time when the building industry tends to digitalize and industrialize. We do this by creating a platform that provides them with everything they need to make, design and share online tools with people inside or outside their organisation.

The platform aims to speed up and simplify the conversion of rough code into usable tools and lead generators. In that way the full potential and knowledge inside a company can be utilized which might otherwise be left unused.

We believe true quality can be reached when teams consisting of diverse, skilful and creative team members are allowed to iterate. Testing, learning and adapting will lead to growth. This vision is backed up by the way we organize ourselves and the values we stand for. You will notice when we meet.


Our services help customers and fellow engineers in building and engineering online tools and building easy-to-use front-ends to their complex calculations.


  • Product dimensioning tools. These tools are made to guide customers to the best-fit product.
  • Back office support for sales departments. Set of tools, available behind log-in, made especially for sales teams which need engineering guidance.
  • Standardization of calculations.
  • Visualization and post-processing of test data.

Extra services:

  • Engineering support. Besides years of experience we are fully equipped with the latest analysis software (including Altair Hyperworks, Abaqus, Karamba3d, etc)
  • In-house testing: Pulling, pressing bending tests up to 100 kN (10.000kg). This can be usefull to fill missing engineering data.