1 June 2023

"Py-Engineering has helped us tremendously with the automation of our dimensioning calculations."

With Staco, we are going through a transition from 'mainstream' to a partner for more complicated projects. We have the ability to differentiate ourselves and now we are also going to show that to the outside world. As a result, we are committed to becoming a strategic partner for many companies. PY-Engineering helps us do so by increasing the level of service, and thus the trustworthiness of the company. As a result, occasional customers become regular customers, and exactly that is enormously important for Staco

About staco

Staco offers a complete range of gratings, treads and related products in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and (glass fiber reinforced) plastic. These products are used in various sectors and in multiple applications. Expertise and experience are the driving forces of the organization. As is expected of a company like Staco, the focus is on the future, and that is where automation comes in. The benefits and consequences of this were discussed with Luc Habets, Business Development Manager at Staco Holding.

Valuable cooperation

The cooperation between Staco and PY-Engineering can be described as a classic "win-win" situation. The parties strengthen each other and grow alongside towards better results. It is very valuable for Staco to work with an engineering party that understands what goes on inside a company. This facilitates proactivity because they look at the situation with a trained eye.

Digitalization as a tool

A smart solution was designed for Staco to automate calculation and design work. This helps our customers by enabling them to independently calculate the strengths and dimensions of the desired Staco products. The tool had to be in line with the CE certification conducted at Staco. This meant that assumptions had to be handled carefully and progress and assumptions had to be well documented. This was made even more difficult by products that were not part of the standard range and for which less information was available. For this, physical tests were performed by Py-Engineering to ensure safety and quality.

Sales support

Thanks to the comprehensive total solution that PY-Engineering created for us, the sales team receives the right support and planners can work more effectively thanks to smart insights. The tool mentioned above has been further developed and now functions as a lead generator on our website. A pdf calculation report can be downloaded in exchange for contact information. Another improvement has been made in the area of sales: better insights relevant to the project can be attached to a quotation. Thanks to these adjustments, the service that we as Staco offer can be called distinctive. The greatest advantage that this tool has to offer is that it provides clarity for all parties. Errors in terms of parameters and calculations are minimized, thus reducing costs for both our clients and ourselves. The system also safeguards quality standards and saves time by providing universal solutions. The tool makes sure the same solution emerges across Europe for the same question. The interface of the tool is completely customized to our preferences. As a result, the tool completely blends into Staco's corporate identity and effortlessly becomes one with the rest of the site.“ Convenience, efficiency and optimization are aspects that are becoming increasingly important to an end customer, and are actually expected. In order to remain interesting to these customers in the future, this must be achievable. Digitalization is the key.