About Py-Engineering

Who we are

Eager to learn engineering and programming enthusiast willing to deliver elegant online solutions for your products.

What we do

Building and engineering online tools for customers or helping fellow engineers building front-ends to their calculations.

Besides making online tools, ‘traditional’ engineering support is always at hand. When products need to be engineered we can use our software including Abaqus, Altair HyperWorks and Karamba 3D to analyse products structurally. If that’s not sufficient enough, we can provide inhouse real-life testing upto 100 kN.

Our mission

Building online tools for engineering tasks. The tools aim to make life easy for customers and guide them to a safe and optimal product.

How it works

The tools are built by use of our in-house developed platform called ZippyTech. The platform makes the creation of front-ends to back-end calculations a piece of cake.

In the future the platform will also be made available for commercial use. This will be ideal for engineers who want to reach a larger audience or simply want to share standardized calculations with their colleagues. Curious how it works? Check the tutorials in the Developers section.


Bouwen met staal

Tired of browsing through the polynomial pocketbook searching steel sections?

This tool provides you with all the information you need and helps you to compare steelsection between certain limits.

Staco Grating Technology

Staco provides a complete range of gratings, stair treads and associated products in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and GRP (fibreglass-reinforced plastic). All gratings and stair treads can be produced in any size and according to your own specifications.

Staco quality products are used not only as floor gratings, but also increasingly as stylish wall and ceiling cladding, genuinely adding to the architectural value of a building.

These set of tools help with dimensioning Staco products. The tools aim to guide their customers to a safe and optimal product.


FMAX ISAAC specializes in engineering complex architecture. They work together with designers, artists, builders, craftsmen and manufacturers to enhance a project to its full potential. Their philosophy is to follow the creative language in a project and build intelligent structures by using new materials or reinterpreting established ones.

Producing complex designs requires a unique combination of engineering skills, sophisticated software tools, programming skills, material knowledge, craft and fabrication knowledge. FMAX ISAAC covers this broad spectrum having experience in large, traditionally engineered structures as well as small scale, un-conventional builds.


Our services help customers and fellow engineers in building and engineering online tools and building easy-to-use front-ends to their complex calculations.


  • Product dimensioning tools. These tools are made to guide customers to the best-fit product.
  • Back office support for sales departments. Set of tools, available behind log-in, made especially for sales teams which need engineering guidance.
  • Standardization of calculations.
  • Visualization and post-processing of test data.

Extra services:

  • Engineering support. Besides years of experience we are fully equipped with the latest analysis software (including Altair Hyperworks, Abaqus, Karamba3d, etc)
  • In-house testing: Pulling, pressing bending tests up to 100 kN (10.000kg). This can be usefull to fill missing engineering data.